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Code of Conduct

1. RESPECT: Each member must treat all fellow members, opponents, hosts, and admins with the utmost respect, regardless of position. Members will respect and obey the rules set by any other server host. NO T-BAGGING Exept for ingame challenges.

2. IMAGE: Each member should behave in a manner that will not reflect badly upon the [USEF]'s reputation or its members. Any member wearing the [USEF] tags will conduct themselves in a respectable manner to the "TEAM". Any member seen disrespecting any other "TEAM" or [USEF] member will be dealt with swiftly.

3. LOYALTY: We do not prohibit members from joining other squads or clans as long as it has been approved by top [USEF] officials.. However, deliberate acts of espionage, sabotage or treason against this [USEF] will not be tolerated. Any member wanting to join another clan "MUST" seek [USEF] approval first.

4. MATURITY: All members are required to behave in an adult, respectful manner, at all times. Verbal abuse, derogatory, or racist remarks will not be tolerated.

5. ACTIVITY: Members are not required to maintain a specific amount of activity. However, active members will be given priority over those inactive.

6. LANGUAGE: Profanity is not expressly prohibited. However, excessive use of vulgarity, or offensive language, may be deemed offensive by any members, opponents, or hosts. And again , racist language will not be tolerated.

7. CHEATING: Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated!! Any members that are suspected or caught cheating will be "KICKED" from of the [USEF] and will be banned from any [USEF] servers. This also includes map glitches!!

8. SERVER: All members will abide by the rules set forth in the [USEF] server. (same rules as regular users) Remember, members may be kicked as well as users for infractions of the rules. Rules can be found at our website. Banned members will be put on a probationary period, and have to see BRAVO2 for entry back into the server. NO T-BAGGING Exept for ingame challenges.

9. TEAMSPEAK: Rooms are set for members wanting to game. We have multiple rooms set for all games and general chat, When you are in a "game room" you will conduct yourself in that manner, we will not put up with music playing, unnecassary chatter that does not relate to the game being played at that particular time. We have the team Lounge set for general chat as well as other rooms in teamspeak for you to bs around in.

If you have to be removed from teamspeak for infractions in game rooms you will have to see BRAVO2 to return. The second time you will be banned, please leave our [USEF] tags at the door.

10. RANKING: USEF does not have a structured ranking system. But ranks that are in place is what we use, they are as follows: Teamspeak Admin, Admin, and Founders. We ask that if any problems arise please see a Teamspeak admin first. Then if you need more help, see a "Admin". Founders will not help with issues that can be handled by TS Admins, or Admins. Be sure that the admin wheather it be a Teamspeak Admin, or Admin is not ingame when you ask for help, you will have to wait until they are available to help.

11. Admins: All Teamspeak Admins as well as Admins will report all activity to Founders and will send emails to admin [at] usef [dot] net

12. FUN: We are all here to have fun. The rules set forth previously are only meant to ensure that members of the [USEF] and other members of the community will have fun while playing . These rules have been established and will be enforced with that in mind.

The USEF Team

United States Elite Force -> General Discussion

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